May 18 • 10M

Ep 58 When treatment stops...

the downhill plunge of the "high"

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Yvonne McClaren
Bridging the communication gap between patients & the multidisciplinary teams associated with head & neck cancer eating.
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In this episode of "The No Feeding Tube Show," I discuss the emotional and social impact of head and neck cancer treatment, specifically the feeling of loneliness that can arise after treatment ends. The lifeline that head and neck cancer nurses provide.

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I share my personal experience and emphasise the importance of recognising and addressing this aspect of the patient experience. I also highlight the role of social media in connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences and the importance of creating a positive food experience during and after treatment.

As I reflect on my experience of going from being the centre of attention to feeling like I was nothing, I realize that it was a significant turning point in my life. It was a time of great change and adjustment, and it affected every aspect of my life.

Physically, I had to learn how to navigate through my daily routine without the constant attention and validation that I was used to receiving.

I had to learn how to do things for myself and not rely on others to do them for me. It was a challenging process, but it helped me become more independent and self-sufficient.

Mentally, I had to retrain my thought process to not constantly seek out approval from others and to find confidence within myself. I had to learn how to be comfortable in my own skin and not rely on others to validate my food worth.

It was a difficult process, but it helped me become more self-assured and confident. It was and continues to be a pathway of constant learning.

Emotionally, it was a rollercoaster ride. I went from feeling on top of the world to feeling lost and insignificant. It was a challenging time, and I had to work through a lot of difficult emotions. I had to learn how to cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation, and I had to find ways to build my self-esteem and self-worth.

Overall, it took time and effort to work through those emotions and come out on the other side feeling more grounded and secure in myself.

It was a challenging time after treatment was complete, but it helped me grow and become a stronger person.

I invite listeners to share their own stories and experiences with loneliness after head and neck cancer treatment.

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