May 11 • 12M

Ep 57 "Why aren't we telling individual patients about it?"

IDDSI - a brilliant resource for dysphagia

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Yvonne McClaren
Bridging the communication gap between patients & the multidisciplinary teams associated with head & neck cancer eating.
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In this podcast episode, I discuss the importance of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) as a resource for people with swallowing difficulties.

I share my personal experience with dysphagia and how I discovered IDDSI, expressing frustration with the lack of promotion of the resource by healthcare professionals.

I note that IDDSI is person-focused and provides information that can be applied to an individual's personal eating life. I commend the volunteers and sponsors of IDDSI and encourage individuals to continue eating well and taking care of themselves.

I talk about my Mind Food Body Program that includes the use of IDDSI and how it helped me transition back to oral eating.

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