Hello this is me, except the one with the plastic bag that’s not me, just how I feel sometimes.

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I empower global communities affected by head and neck cancer, I am dedicated to reducing social isolation through curated resources.

I strive to inspire and educate fellow patients, clinicians, and caregivers alike, paving the way for individuals like myself to embrace our optimal food life journey during and after treatment.

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When you have gone through treatment there is a new language to learn. It is specific to those who have lived to tell the tale. No warriors here, but there is brutal honesty, motivation in spades and a sprinkling of humour to make those darkest moments a bit more bearable. A paid subscription gives you a bit more ROCK STAR status in that you can participate in the community, make comments and read the “fine print”. You also get access to Ask Yvonne and that means you can ask me directly anything about my journey, my food, my life and what I did to get to living my best food life.

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Here’s what other’s have said :-

Really enjoyed that and was "oh yesssing" all the way through. Especially in the sense of here's your PEG, you're on your own now.

Your podcasts are brilliant and so on point for us all

Yvonne’s knowledge of food, adaptability and cooking techniques have assisted her to transition from tube-feeding to a more normal oral diet and the lessons she learnt and the knowledge she can impart are a highly valuable resource for anyone embarking or recovering from head and neck cancer treatment.

Dr Andrew Foreman B. Physio, BMBS (Hons) PhD, FRACS Head and Neck Oncologic and Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon ENTSA & Royal Adelaide Hospital

What is important is patient motivation and I think that’s where you’re venture is going to be important for patients. There is no reason why a patient needs a PEG for life. They need strategies to return to swallowing and progress back to an oral diet.

Keep on getting well Yvonne & thank you for sharing your story, it has been immensity helpful. Will touch base via Instagram when I'm feeling up to it, Cheers D

It has been inspirational and comforting reading your articles as some days I do just want to give in to a liquid diet.  However I am a foodie and love cooking and eating good food!

I feel like I've been living in the dark till this year when I met my speechie and she's opened up a whole new world I was not aware of, including finding your articles.

Yes, it is real, talking, eating and breathing. Does the challenge make anyone else laugh? Because for me it's so true. And to see someone say it, made me laugh.

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Unearthing the social impact of head & neck cancer & how to live your best food life with or without cutlery. Honest, lived experience on how to stay positive, stay connected when you are struggling to sit at the table.


Writer, educator, creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster, world traveller & foodie. Ex PEG tube feeder thanks to HNC cancer treatment & current dysphagia sufferer. Writes GAG.| eating life.