Sitemap - 2022 - GAG.| eating life

Ep 44 3 ways to add value to your food life

Ep 45 My 6 top survival strategies for Christmas

Learn how to make an easy festive dessert for neck cancer.

Ep 43 Top 3 Cooking Techniques for HNC

Ep 42 3 surefire ways to improve your HNC patient's food life.

Cook for head & neck cancer with 3 proven cooking techniques.

Ep 41 The 3 things HNC treatment have taught me

Ep 40 Food Confidence & Meal Planning

EP 39 Food mindset - are you setting yourself up for failure?

Ep 38 I am so over that food!

Ep 37 Advocate for yourself - if not you then who?

Ep 36 The Trauma eater - accepting reality

Ep 35 Facing public scrutiny with dysphagia

Ep 34 Managing food availability fear

Ep 33 Eating on the run with dysphagia 🙄😏

Ep 32 PEG Tube Stigma

Ep 31 Mastering Physical Food Constraints

Ep 30 Portion Sizes & Time

EP 29 Eating Socially & Relationships

Ep 28 3 Secrets to your BEST food life & they might surprise you!

Ep 27 Tastebud Trust

Ep 26 Eating with Mouth Dryness

Ep 25 Puree like an adult with flavour

Ep 24 How to eat at work part 2

Ep23 How choking changed my life!

Ep22 Food lonely & the psychological fallout

Ep 21 Food Boredom & Transitional Foods

Ep 20 I can't find that food!

Ep18 EOFY Food stock take for dysphagia

EP 17 How to eat at work

Ep16 Social Eating Checklist

Ep 15 Come for dinner? Then what? How you can help someone with dysphagia

Ep 13 Social Media - the good, bad & ugly for HNC patients.

Ep 14 Will your food life ever improve?

Ep 11 Choosing recipes for meal planning

Ep 12 Stop being embarrassed about your eating - Get over yourself

Ep 10 Eating with others - where to start.

Episode 9 Doing head & neck cancer treatment solo

Special Edition - Food Fatigue Grief & Future with the Mind Food Body Program

Episode 7 How to eat an elephant with HNC treatment side effects

Episode 7 How to eat an elephant with HNC treatment side effects

It's not about the cookbook but more about the recipe.

Episode 8 Have you tried this? Eating out over Easter

Episode 6 Expand your food repertoire for HNC treatment with these 3 techniques

Ep 5 It's not about the cookbook but the recipe. Physical & mental constraints we experience as HNC patients.

Episode 4 Dreaded Meal Times - 3 core things that are happening and how to address them

Episode 2 PEG - Feeding with a PEG tube - 3 most common questions

Episode 3 Meal Planning - 5 Top Considerations with HNC Treatment Side Effects

Episode 1 Eating Socially with or post HNC Treatment

A difficult diagnosis to swallow. #SAD March 16

HNC treatment triggers, how to minimise their effect.

Goal setting provides mental benefits to head & neck cancer patients.