Sitemap - 2023 - GAG.| eating with head & neck cancer

Do you mind if I smell this?

Yesterday I lost my job.

Here's what I'd do.

My cancer advent calendar.

I think I just became Exhibit A.

How is your cholesterol after head and neck cancer treatment?

Ep 70 Which part of I can't swallow isn't clear?

Today I make a few major decisions about this publication.

Which part of I can't swallow isn't clear doctor?

Ep 69 Your food life is too important to leave to the professionals. Part #2

Disappearing friends and a cancer diagnosis.

Ep 68 Your food life is too important to leave it to the professionals. Part #1

I had the foresight to walk.

Your food life is too important to leave to the professionals. Part #2

Your food life is too important to leave to the professionals. Part #1

Food isn't just for eating.

Eating socially when you can't swallow.

It took me 4 years to eat a hamburger.

My lowest point.

You can do this.

Ep 67 Practicing your Speech.

Breaking up with my first love.

What's your W.O.T?

Fingers of the feet.

Occam's razor, Hickam's dictum & Crabtrees's bludgeon.

Today's my birthday. 6/08

Eating on a plane.

"The Gift of Few Options" to quote Tim Ferriss

Ep 66 Can treating head and neck cancer treatment like a business improve outcomes?

There were only 3 diets for head & neck cancer treatment until I discovered the "joy diet"

Ep 64 How to create your best elevator pitch.

Is it harder doing this alone?

The story of O.

Ep 63 Trismus

Ep 65 How can we choose our reactions to difficult situations?

Otorhinolaryngology head & neck nurses are they the Nightingales of the industry?

Between a walnut, lime & hard place - is eating therapy a monolithic culture?

Who are you?

Here's the post on anxiety you asked for.

Is there joy after Chemoradiotherapy?

An update from the GAG.| Queen herself.

Short term mood repair.

Magic Custard Cake Slice

Today I can't swallow.

Invite your friends & colleagues to read GAG. | eating with head & neck cancer

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The elephant in the room with HNC treatment.

EP 62 What a water Pikster & 5 mother sauces have to do with head & neck cancer treatment.

"Dolphins, Laughter, & Resilience: Navigating HNC Treatment with Optimism and Humour"

Mechanism of Swallowing was the title of the album to reach the US charts in 2008.

Hi, my name is Yvonne and I am a noncompliant eater.

Choose the worst thing that has happened to you, then use that as your elevator pitch.

Ep 61 PEGS percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy what's the deal?

Some days are honey & some days are onions.

Living your best food life - Dysphagia Awareness Month

What's your caption?

How I travelled with a PEG tube & dysphagia.

Plan A.

Ep 60 Food communication with HNC patients.

Role of the Speech Pathologist in supporting informed choice & shared decision making in Dysphagia.

What I really think & do behind closed doors.

Ep 59 From Feeding Tubes to Fresh Food

What I did step by step for my BEST food life following head & neck cancer treatment.

Breaking up with your favourite food.

Ep 58 When treatment stops...

Can you share what you have learnt about periodontal side effects after HNC treatment?

What a typical day is like for you?

3 BCT's (behaviour change techniques) for encouraging swallowing

Ep 57 "Why aren't we telling individual patients about it?"

Is that a gun in your mouth

Ep 56 Idiosyncrasies of swallowing

The Mental and Physical Challenges of Relying on Feeding Tubes: A Survivor's Story

Ep 55 Artificial formulas (AF) & PEG Tubes

Why I called my podcast the No Feeding Tubes Show

Gasping for life.

In the scheme of a lifetime.

Join me on Notes

Ep 53 - A day in the life of me.

Sugar cane cutlery, paper straws & tongue depressors suck.

Behind the mask

Behind the mask

Ep 51 3 Deadly sins of snack suggestions

Cook for head & neck cancer with 3 proven cooking techniques.

My mouth is like the Bermuda Triangle

What happens after 5 years or NED?

Why I don’t support International Women’s Day as a woman.

I learnt a new word today.

Ep 49 Cancer gave me a better life 😀

Ep 46 3 things we should not be told about food!

Ep 47 Why I don't call myself a warrior